About Us

Liaison, li·ai·son, ˈlēəˌzän,lēˈāzän

1. communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.

“That lounge on the corner of Alta Arden and Fulton Ave is the best way to liaison with other cool, local people.”

Liaison Lounge and Restaurant is proud to be the area’s go-to location for community gatherings, fundraisers and celebrations. We’re open daily for happy hour, have a full bar, have reserved space available, and boast nightly entertainment.
Whether you’re a local looking to step out of the house for the evening or just stopping through town on business, the Liaison’s delicious food, great music, tantalizing drinks, and relaxed atmosphere is here to serve you. Come by after work and indulge in one of our tasty flavors or simply sip on a nice cocktail under the shimmering gold lamps overhead.
Liaison Lounge caters large and small events and weddings, with affordable lunch specials that will tingle your taste buds and have your friends and co-workers delighted.
Give us a call- we’d love to speak with you and find out how Liaison Lounge can cater to you!